Hey Glow Getter!

Glow Jar Beauty Inc. provides high performance skin and body care solutions that are gentle yet effective to support long term skin health.  Located on Vancouver Island, BC, we source only the highest quality ingredients intended to make your skin glow. 

My passion for skin health came from my mother who taught me at an early age how to properly care for my skin and how to protect it daily.  After watching her battle Leukemia (AML) for 10 years, I wanted to create a line of products that were gentle yet effective on the skin to best support a healthy skin barrier function.  Now a mother myself of two small girls, my passion and education for skin care has only grown.  I’ve always made it a priority to take a holistic approach when deciding what goes on and into my body as well as my family’s, so it was only a matter of time before skin care was at the forefront of my mind. 

I believe everyone has the ability to see positive changes in their skin.  It all starts with implementing positive thoughts, consistent habits and a foundational understanding of your unique skin type, and implementing the skincare to get you to your skin goals.