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Ready to take your nighttime skincare to the next level?

Ready to take your nighttime skincare to the next level?

Our PM 0.3% Retinol Serum has been specially formulated to enhance your nighttime skincare routine with a host of incredible active ingredients.


Here is what you need to know and why you’re going to want to consider adding it to your PM routine ASAP:


Key Features and Ingredients To Know About

  • Retinol + Bakuchiol - In skincare, retinol is a popular derivative of Vitamin A known for its ability to increase youthful activity in the skin. Meanwhile, bakuchiol is a gentle, plant-derived alternative to retinol that experts say produces similar effects. For this formula, we’ve included both, in order to bring you the best of both worlds.


  • Niacinamide - This super skin calming agent and antioxidant is a form of Vitamin B that reduces irritation, redness, and inflammation in the skin. It’s often paired with retinol as an added soothing element.


  • Sodium Hyaluronate - A form of hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate is a water-binding ingredient that helps boost hydration in the skin. We love it for its ability to lock in moisture and keep the skin looking dewy.


  • Rose Canina - Also known as Rosehip Oil, rose canina is a fruit-derived extract that is highly antioxidant. It’s also believed to be a natural skin brightener.


  • Papaya and Pineapple Fruit Extracts - Papaya and pineapple are two botanical fruit extracts often used in exfoliating formulas. Together, they provide just a touch of mild exfoliation for smoothing and softening the skin.


Why Everyone Needs a Retinol: A Few Ways PM Retinol Serum Can Support Your Skin


Benefit #1: Retinol supports healthy aging - For keeping skin performing youthfully, retinol is one of the best ingredients to incorporate. It helps prevent slowdown of cellular turnover, which can occur as a natural part of the aging process.

Benefit #2: Retinol helps correct common concerns - At the same time that cellular regeneration combats signs of aging, it can also aid in addressing cosmetic imperfections, such as acne scarring, dark spots, uneven texture, and sun damage.

Benefit #3: Retinol promotes rejuvenation - By helping the skin shed unhealthy cells, retinol prevents buildup of dullness or dry skin, keeping your complexion looking refreshed and radiant.


* If you have used retinol before feel free to layer our Radiance Brightening Serum on after your retinol has fully absorbed for maximum skin clarity benefits. 

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