Glow Jar Beauty Standards

Manufactured by Canadian Cosmetic Chemist & Female Formulation Scientist
•3rd Party Lab Tested - Cruelty Free

•No Overloaded Ingredient Lists

•Fragrance Free Facial Care
•Reduce Packaging Impact
•Multi use Formulations
•Represent Women Over 40/50+

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Dewy Moisture Mist

Luminous Facial Oil

  • Pineapple Body Oil

    "I’d buy this by the litre if I could. I used as a belly oil all throughout pregnancy and now postpartum. Using natural and non-toxic products is important to me given I have a baby and young child always on or near me. A little goes a long way and it smells amazing!" - Nikki

    PIneapple Body Oil 
  • Dewy Moisture Mist

    This is such a lovely product! I have very reactive skin and this mist is so calming and refreshing. The only other toner/mist I have ever been able to use is the Avene thermal water mist without a reaction, until now!! This, combined with the cleanser, moisturizer and luminous facial oil and my skin feels the best it has in a long time.

    - Evelyne

    Dewy Moisture Mist 
  • Skincare Coaching Call

    Jaime is there for you every step of the way and answers any questions you may have.
    I have been so impressed with my results just in 4 weeks- it's crazy how noticeable it is (even my husband notices!) and my skin
    feels the best it's ever felt--it's glowing!
    This was such a great investment!

    - Jocelyn

    1:1 Skin Support