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Skincare Coaching Call

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45 min call for those looking to gain clarity on their current skincare routine and products. We will identify your skin type, skin goals, and how to best utilize your skincare products for more effective results.  

Also, I will help steer you in the right direction if you are looking to add a targeted skincare product into your current routine to drive more results.

Jaime is CPD Certified, Science of Skincare & Consultation

Still unsure?? BOOK A FREE 15 min skin discovery call, using the link below.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Simplified skincare for a beginner!

I always knew how to wash my face and the importance of moisturizer, but I never thought to include other elements to my skincare routine. With the pandemic, constant mask wearing resulted in some pretty brutal acne and skin irritation for me. When I went on a coaching call with Jaime, she somehow managed to both educate me and simplify my routine so that it was concrete and easy to understand. She looked into the products that I already use in her line, as well as a few other items that I have as part of my regime, and helped me come up with a morning and night routine that will make a big impact, and it did! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I'm so happy!!

Absolutely amazing! Jamie provided such a great review of my products and recommendations that has dramatically changed my skin! Within a couple week of using the products, my skin is glowing and it feels so much better.

Jaime is a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded world of skincare products

I decided to book a 1:1 coaching call with Jaime after following her for some time on Instagram. First off, I love that she is a local, Canadian, female owned business and she works hard to source her products that she stands behind with such integrity. Jaime honestly exceeded my expectations on this call and really addressed some long standing issues I've had with care and compassion. She is a wealth of skincare knowledge and helped me identify areas in my routine that could benefit from a change. The recommendations included not just her beautifully curated product line Glo Jar, but also other well known brands that she believed would be adequate as well. I left feeling heard about my skin care condition and had a plan of action. It was worth every penny. This coaching call is such a great place to start with Jaime as she really guides you on the right path to caring for your skin without overcomplicating your routine in a world that is saturated with so many products. Thank you again Jaime for creating products that are kind to the skin and environment, while still being effective. Very excited to become a Glo Jar Girl!

Melissa Scigliano
Like talking to a girlfriend (a girlfriend who can help you get your best skin ever!)

I finished my skincare coaching call with Jaime feeling really excited. I came away with a clear, actionable plan that will make my skin feel even more supported than it already has been since starting my Glow Jar routine. Jaime delivers efficient, effective recommendations while being very personable and making you feel comfortable with a topic that can be overwhelming. She helps you to support the integrity of your skin, while working from a place of integrity herself. She actually recommended I use two of her products less often and the products she recommended that I add to my routine were those of a different brand. She made sure I knew exactly which products to buy, which made purchasing a breeze and which was appreciated since I’m eager to start implementing her recommendations right away. She also made sure I understood why she recommended them and exactly how to incorporate them into my routine. She also graciously answered a few more questions I had after the call. The entire process could not have been easier or more enjoyable. Send her a DM and book a call. You (and your skin) will be so glad you did!

Worth it!

Jaime is wonderful! By the time I booked my skin care coaching call, I had already spent months listening to Jaime on Instagram and changing over to glow jar products for the most part. My skin concerns were improving but I just needed that 45 minutes where Jaime reviewed what I was using morning and night, tweaked a few products, and made recommendations for why my skin might be reacting a certain way. This even included removing one of her products because of a certain ingredient. I now have the perfect routine and I couldn’t be happier!