Demand Better

At Glow Jar Beauty, we prioritize the health of our planet in every aspect of our business. As a proud Canadian skincare brand, we are constantly searching for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint, and mindfully source our ingredients for the best quality and impact on the skin.

Join us in the journey towards lessening our impact on the environment as a product based business. 

Ingredient Commitment: 

- We are Leaping Bunny Certified & Cruelty Free Kitty Certified.

- We follow formulation guidelines set out by Health Canada, Canadian Dermatology Association, FDA, and EU.

- We do not use "fear marketing" (buy this or you will look old) or unregulated claims (erase fine lines in 24hrs) to persuade or mislead customers.  

Packaging Commitment: 

- We do not use secondary packaging (boxes that go over your skincare products) as we want all info on the label for immediate access.

- Our packaging is either 100% recyclable, or reusable.

- We do not create single use sample sachets. 

- Our labels use FSC certified materials.


We lead with education, in the hopes that customers buy intentionally to create a straightforward and targeted skincare routine.


- We ship carbon neutral

- Shipping boxes are FSC certified

- We use biodegradable packing peanuts

- We do not include marketing materials unless requested.


*Want to become better at recycling? Click here for a guide to recycle in Canada.