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How to Support a Healthy Complexion Throughout Your Monthly Cycle

How to Support a Healthy Complexion Throughout Your Monthly Cycle

Sick of dealing with hormonal acne? We hear you. As adults, many women are surprised to learn that breakouts can still happen well into your 30s, 40s and beyond as a result of the body’s many hormonal shifts.


Hormonal acne tends to be a very common skin concern that shows up primarily in the chin area once per month, at a certain point in your cycle. So what can you do when this happens and can you prevent hormonal breakouts altogether?


Here are a few of our top tips:


Tip #1: Keep stress levels in check

Although this one may be easier said than done, a big factor to take into consideration when dealing with hormonal breakouts is the impact of stress on your body’s many systems. When under stress, the body tends to produce excessive amounts of hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, which can spike inflammation and cause imbalances with regards to the skin’s levels of oil production. With this in mind, anything you can do to combat stress can, in turn, help to reduce breakout activity. This could be as simple as getting more sleep, or incorporating more mindfulness in the form of meditation, yoga, or other intentional practices.


Tip #2: Learn more about how your hormones work

When it comes to dealing with something as nuanced as your endocrine system, knowledge is power. Once you start to really understand the different cycles of your hormones, what they do, and how to address them with various lifestyle changes, it can all start to come together and you can start to work with your body to better manage certain symptoms as a result. A few good books to check out include Period Repair Manual by Lara Briden, The Fifth Vital Sign by Lisa Henderson-Jack, as well as Woman Code and In The Flo both by Alisa Vitti.

Tip #3: Practice a consistent skincare routine

Although hormonal breakouts start below the surface, it is still very important to support your skin with good daily care habits. Cleansing daily is a must if you struggle with hormonal acne. Be sure to moisturize and hydrate the skin adequately, as well. Additionally, if you aren’t already in the habit of exfoliating, adding this step to your routine by incorporating an alpha-hydroxy or beta-hydroxy acid-based exfoliant, about 1-2x week prior to beginning your period, can be a great way to stop breakouts before they start.


Tip #4: Address existing breakouts with the right treatment and ingredients

One bit of good news about hormonal acne is that even when it does occur, it is typically very temporary. In the event that a breakout occurs, your best bet is to have a little patience and show your skin some love. Calming and soothing formulas work best to reduce inflammation and redness. Also, resist the temptation to pick or pop those pimples, as they will go away much quicker if you allow the skin time to heal on its own.

P.S. A few Glow Jar Beauty products we love for helping you get ahead of a hormonal breakout include:

  • Gentle Gel Cleanser - For keeping the skin clean, refreshed, and free of breakout causing bacteria or debris. Double cleanse with it at night using warm water.
  • Balancing Facial Toner - For helping to balance oil production, while also keeping the skin happy and hydrated. Simply mist directly onto face or use a reusable cotton round.






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