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Getting Real About Retinol

Getting Real About Retinol

Ready for a little skincare myth busting?

4 Myths and Truths Surrounding One of Our Favourite Skincare Super ingredients:


Although many of us love retinol, it continues to be one of those ingredients that’s surrounded by a lot of misinformation and misconceptions. So to help clear up a few unfortunate rumours, we’d like to take a moment to talk about retinol myths and truths. Keep reading for the inside scoop!


Myth #1: Any retinol ingredient will do


Truth: The type of retinol you use will impact your outcome

As ingredients go, few actives come in such a wide array of options as retinol. Although all products in the retinol category are originally derived from some form of Vitamin A, they can vary greatly in terms of concentration, delivery systems, and how they ultimately affect the skin. High potency formulas can actually be damaging for some skin types, while other poorly formulated products may fail to perform. For this reason, it’s important to do your homework and conduct a little research before adding retinol to your routine.  Even better, head back to our site next week to learn more about our NEW PM RETINOL SERUM!!


Myth #2: Retinol thins the skin


Truth: Retinol strengthens the skin by increasing collagen stores

The notion that retinol usage leads to thinning skin is thankfully very false. In fact, because retinols stimulate collagen production, consistent use can actually help to thicken the skin over time. This is a positive effect when you consider that the epidermis loses volume and elasticity due to the natural aging process.


Myth #3: Retinol counts as exfoliation


Truth: Retinol encourages cellular turnover

Although retinol can sometimes produce similar side effects to an exfoliant product during the initial stages - such as peeling or flaking - the way it works as an ingredient has nothing to do with exfoliating. Rather, retinols help accelerate the skin’s turnover cycles, which can lead to the shedding of unhealthy cells and their eventual replacement with new healthy cells. A better term for this process might be rejuvenation, which most people need in addition to exfoliation for supporting overall skin health.


Myth #4: Retinol gets rapid results


Truth: The benefits of retinol take time

As much as we’d all love a quick fix, retinol is an ingredient that requires a little patience and consistency. Because it works by regulating cellular function in the skin, results can be harder to notice in the beginning, and become more cumulative after continued use. Experts say it can take as long as six months to really experience its transformative effects. That said, it’s never a bad idea to document your progress as you’ll likely notice smaller, more incremental changes along the way.


P.S. For even more tips, tricks, and best practices, be sure to check out our previous posts on retinol, found in the Glow Jar Beauty blog archives!

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