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The Surprising Connection Between Glycation and Your Skin Health

The Surprising Connection Between Glycation and Your Skin Health

Glycation is a process that happens in our bodies when we eat too much sugar. It's kind of like when sugar sticks to our skin, but it happens inside our bodies too. When sugar sticks to things in our bodies, like the proteins that make up our skin, it can make them stiff and less flexible. This can cause our skin to look more creepy, dehydrated and dull.  


When we eat too many sugary foods, like candy, cookies, fast food, or soda, our bodies make too much sugar and this can lead to glycation. Breakfast is a sneaky high sugar meal with cereal, muffins, certain smoothies etc. etc. and I am a baker so this is hard for me, but I am going to test some savoury breakfast recipes and share with you!


So we cant do anything about the junk we ate in our teens and 20s, but we have so much power over the next half of our lives to slow glycation which is damaging our skin causing premature aging.  Topical skincare can only do so much, and that's why I believe it’s important to invest in good quality foods (literally all my money is spent on groceries) to keep our skin/body/mind healthy and thriving.


Overall taking care of our bodies with a preventative plan will has a positive impact on our mental/physical health. When we move daily, eat well, laugh, surround yourself around good people, and get enough sleep, we can feel more focused, clear-headed, and confident. We can also reduce feelings of stress and anxiety and improve our overall mood which is very helpful when dealing with fluctuating hormonal changes as we age.


*Absolutely not a doctor, but I love to share my thoughts on supporting our own unique health needs. Less is more, as the free consistent health habits lead to the real change!

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