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What is Trans Epidermal Water loss (TEWL) and how to slow it?

What is Trans Epidermal Water loss (TEWL) and how to slow it?

Trans epidermal water loss, also known as TEWL, may seem like a tough term but it is used in skincare and cosmetics. If we define this term in dermatology language: The transfer of water molecules from dermis to epidermis, and then epidermis to skin surface from where it evaporates into the environment. In simple language, loss of water from your skin is called trans-epidermal water loss. This process is maintained by keratinocytes (skin cells) and intracellular lipids. This process is done when water vapour pressure is less in the dry environment (hello Canadian winter) and water evaporates passively from your skin. But why is this term not good for our skin and what are its benefits? Let’s study this in detail:

Hydrated skin means healthy and glowing skin and this type of skin is only obtained if your skin barrier functioning is maintained. TEWL is maintained by your skin barrier functioning and any harm to your skin barrier can also damage tewl. Your skin starts losing water and moisture when the skin barrier is not performing the task of water and moisture retention. TEWL promotes skin dryness and irritation and is most common in dry winter days.

  • TEWL promotes accelerated skin aging and that's why keeping your skin hydrated is important.
  • Hydrated skin is directly proportional to glowing and radiant skin.
  • Accelerated TEWL promotes dryness.
  • Hydrated skin cells result in silky, smooth and plump skin.

How to slow TEWL:

It is very important to slow down TEWL to prevent water loss and dryness. This can be done if you follow a consistent skincare routine, targeted towards your skin types and skin goals. A good moisturizer, hydrating toner and a facial oil are the best options.

Simply, moisturizers form a protective layer on your skin and slow water loss. A high-quality facial oil added to the last step of your PM skincare routine to seal in all your hydrating skincare steps. 

Here are some glowing products that are rich in moisturizing ingredients and minimize TEWL. 

Our Lightweight Squalane Moisturizer is the best option for those with Oily, Combination and Acne Prone skin types(yes you need a moisturizer too) to lock moisture in your skin with its barrier strengthening function.


Our best-selling Moisturizing Face Cream is a luxurious moisturizer for those who are Dry, Sensitive, and Dehydrated to help nourish your skin by slowing water loss. Aloe & Glycerin are well known humectants and perform an amazing function of keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated.


Our high performing facial oils are honestly a skin game-changing step in your evening routine if you have dry skin. Organic Rosehip oil contains Vitamin A & C and Olive Squalane oil is a natural emollient that will lock moisture into your skin, leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. is perfect for strengthening and repairing your skin barrier and provides moisturizing and soothing properties.


Reach out if you need any support in finding the right products for your skin.

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