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How to Hack Dark Undereye Circles: Our Tips and Tricks for Instant Brightening

How to Hack Dark Undereye Circles: Our Tips and Tricks for Instant Brightening

Tired of looking tired? For many people, dark undereye circles are a pesky concern that can be frustrating to try and treat. The delicate skin of the eye area can sometimes be one of the more difficult aspects of your skincare to tackle, but the good news is that it’s not impossible.


Let’s talk about a few of our favourite strategies for brightening the eye area and keeping dark circles at bay:


So what causes dark circles in the first place?

For addressing concerns related to the under eye area, it can be helpful to understand that a number of factors contribute to the health of the skin here.


As it happens, those dark shadowy circles can be caused by everything from genetics, to allergies, medications, natural aging, lack of sleep, an imbalanced diet, lack of hydration, or some combination of these conditions. Therefore, you may need to adopt a more holistic approach to treatment, in addition to implementing targeted eye care products.


Here are a few tricks to try for improving the look of dark circles and brightening your whole eye area:


Tip #1: Hydrate inside and out - Knowing that dark circles can be influenced by dehydration in the body and in the skin, you can never go wrong with H2O. Drinking lots of water will help flush out toxins, while applying hydrating products topically, will help replenish the skin’s delicate moisture barrier, to perk up dullness and discolouration.

Tip #2: Try a cooling treatment - Cold therapy has many benefits for the skin and can really do a lot to wake up the eyes. It’s also easy to do. For instant refreshment, you can use a chilled roller tool or metal spoons, a cold compress, or even good old-fashioned cucumber slices on the eyes. This will also help reduce other related concerns such as puffiness around the eyes.


Tip #3: Incorporate some massage moves - For moving lymph and other fluid that can sometimes accumulate in the undereye area, a little massage using gentle pressure can improve circulation and encourage a brighter complexion. Jade roller tools are great for this, or you can also just use your ring finger to perform a few light sweeps under the eyes and out towards the temples.


Tip #4: Choose an eye elixir with supportive ingredients - To nourish eye area skin, and encourage natural brightening, Glow Jar Beauty’s Maracuja Under Eye Oil is formulated with oils rich in essential fatty acids, natural vitamin C for brighter, smoother skin. It pairs perfectly with any cold therapy or massage protocol, for the ultimate under eye pampering.


Makeup tips for undereyes:

- prep the skin with your hydrating serums/oils and allow to set fully.

- use a colour correcting product in a peach or salmon shade.

- always pat in your products, no pulling the delicate skin. Try a beauty blender and mist first with your Dewy Moisture Mist.

- product recommendation: Physicians Formula Natural Defense Concealer


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