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Inflammaging and Your Skin

Inflammaging and Your Skin

What you need to know and how to support your skin.

There’s a new skin care term making the rounds and this one could be worth knowing about. If you’ve been seeing the signs of premature aging or have noticed in recent years that your skin is struggling more than ever, inflammaging could be to blame.


So what is inflammaging and what does it mean for your skin? Read on for the full scoop!


Inflammation + Aging = Inflammaging

As you might have already guessed, the term “inflammaging” is just a combination of two common skincare concerns - inflammation and aging. However, what you might not know is that these two things actually go hand in hand. In fact, the term inflammaging is said to have been coined by dermatologists to describe the role of chronic inflammation in the skin’s aging process.


What are the effects of inflammaging on the skin?

While inflammation is natural and a part of your body’s immune response, experts say that, as we age, our systems can become fatigued or depleted by repeated stress. Over time, this creates a buildup of inflammation. Excess inflammation then begins to take a toll on our skin and can show up as glycation - the breakdown of collagen and elastin that leads to fine lines and wrinkles, as well as impaired barrier function that can lead to dryness, dullness, increased sensitivity, and reactivity.


So what causes inflammaging?
A variety of internal and external stressors can contribute to inflammaging. Examples of internal factors include imbalanced diet, lack of sleep, lack of selfcare, and high stress levels. Meanwhile on the external front, you also have a lot of environmental stressors to contend with - pollution, UV exposure, and climate. While you can only do so much to control and combat these factors, being armed with this knowledge is key to understanding how inflammaging happens, and taking steps to prevent it.


Glow Jar Beauty – Products to soothe and calm skinflammation.

If you are noticing signs of inflammaging in your own skin, the good news is that there are lots of incredible ingredients you can look for to help troubleshoot inflammation. A common mistake many people make is treating aging skin with aggressive active ingredients. Unfortunately, some potent formulas can be too much for skin that is already compromised, and can exacerbate symptoms of inflammaging.

Instead, we recommend opting for a simplified skincare routine free of irritants to help soothe the skin and promote repair. A few go-to ingredients we love at Glow Jar Beauty HQ include, aloe vera, allantoin, green tea and niacinamide. Understanding the importance of preventing inflammation, Glow Jar Beauty has formulated gentle, yet effective daily skincare essentials for keeping the skin calm and supported. Our favourite products include:


  • Gentle Gel Cleanser - A luxurious lather that leaves skin feeling refreshed and doesn’t strip your complexion of its juicy oils or moisture. It includes hydrating aloe and glycerin as well as brightening licorice root and green tea extract for fighting free radical damage.


  • Moisturizing Face Cream - Suitable for day or night, our fragrance-free Moisturizing Face Cream has all the right stuff for supporting your skin. Aloe, allantoin, niacinamide and other barrier boosting ingredients make this a must for maintaining happy, healthy skin.
  • Dewy Moisture Mist - Our fragrance free, richly nourishing facial mist, provides instant skin soothing and relief for inflamed, sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin. Like a tall drink of water for thirsty skin, this formula features hydrating seaweed extract and aloe, plus antioxidant green tea for glow.

 Reach out anytime with any skin questions to better support your skincare decisions. 

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