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Ingredient Spotlight: 3 Reasons to Include Niacinamide In Your Skincare Routine

Ingredient Spotlight: 3 Reasons to Include Niacinamide In Your Skincare Routine

Are you in the know about niacinamide? If you feel like you’ve been hearing about this skincare ingredient more and more in recent years, you’re not imagining things. As a company we are not into TRENDS, but as more people discover niacinamide’s many benefits, it’s become one of the most popular actives for addressing a number of skin concerns and conditions.

So why niacinamide? Let’s talk about a few of the reasons why we love it:


Reason #1: Antioxidant Action
Because niacinamide is a form of Vitamin B3, including it in your routine extends its antioxidant benefits to your skin. Antioxidants support the skin in a number of capacities ranging from combating free radicals and environmental aggressors, to promoting overall skin health. They are particularly good for skin health longterm in helping to prevent premature breakdown of collagen and elastin.


Reason #2: Calming and Soothing Properties
Another reason niacinamide appears so prominently is that it is known to target irritation and inflammation, which are what contribute to many skin issues. When these factors are addressed and kept in check, we see improvements for inflammatory conditions and their related symptoms including acne, redness, sensitive skin, and uneven skin tone.


Reason #3: Universal Appeal
If you’re not sure if niacinamide is right for you, the good news is that just about everyone can benefit from adding it to their regular skincare routine, and NO you don't need a stand alone 10% Niacinamide serum to gain all the amazing benefits, simply look for in your products ingredient list, near the top.

Niacinamide is well tolerated by all skin types and gentle enough to use morning and night. It also pairs well with other active ingredients, boosting the brightening benefits of Vitamin C, and minimizing irritation from Vitamin A or retinol.


Our Favourite Glow Jar Beauty Products With Niacinamide:

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of niacinamide for yourself, you’ll find it in a few our favourite formulas including:

  • Radiance Brightening Serum – Designed to diminish discoloration and skin dullness, we include niacinamide in our treatment serum alongside Tranexamic acid and Azelaic acid for maximum effect and beautiful results. Recommended for: Anyone looking to target sun damage, dull skin, uneven skin tone, and calm redness.
  • Moisturizing Face Cream – For supporting the skin barrier, and promoting long-lasting moisture retention, our fragrance free cream formula contains allantoin and aloe, as well as niacinamide to minimize irritation and create a smooth, supple skin texture. Recommended for: Normal, Dry, Dehydrated, Sensitive, Redness and Combination skin types.
  •  Balancing Toner – Our Balancing Facial Toner helps to maintain and balance the skin's natural moisture levels and simultaneously prepping your skin to absorb serums and actives more efficiently.  Recommended for: Oily, Combination, and Acne prone skin types.
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