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What's a Facial Toner? What skin type needs a Toner? + Our Product Picks and Top Tips

What's a Facial Toner? What skin type needs a Toner? + Our Product Picks and Top Tips

Skincare Deep Dive: Do You Need a Toner? + Our Product Picks and Top Tips

Do you think toners are just another skincare trend? It’s a common misconception that toners and facial mists are an unnecessary step, but we couldn’t disagree more. The perks of incorporating a HYDRATING toner into your regular skincare ritual are numerous and we’re here to set the record straight.


So what exactly is toner and why do you need it? Here are some key facts to help you get started:


Toner 101: The Basics

As you may or may not already know, toner is traditionally the step in your skincare routine that follows cleansing and any exfoliating treatments. In many ways, toning is an extension of the cleansing process, as most toners work to remove any remaining debris and cleanser residue from the surface of the skin.


Once upon a time, toners tended to be alcohol-based and aggressively stripping. However, most of today’s toners vary much more greatly in strength, concentration and formulation. Different types of toners can be targeted to address a number of concerns including acne, dehydration, dullness, sensitive skin and more.


Key Benefits: Why everyone needs a toner?

Although different toners will have different benefits, the main idea behind using a toner remains the same. Toners work to more deeply cleanse the skin, while also restoring proper pH levels to protect the skin’s natural barrier. This combination of purifying and balancing for the skin means it is better prepared to absorb active ingredients in your other skincare products.


Additionally, toners can be very effective for delivering much-needed hydration to the epidermis without clogging the pores, making them a great option for all skin types and conditions.


Three Ways to Tone: Glow Jar Beauty’s Favourite Toners & Face Mists

At GJB we believe in the magic of toner so much that we created three different unique options for daily toning:


  • Hydrating Rose Toner - For dry, dull or depleted skin, this luxurious rose toner provides the skin with a refreshing and replenishing boost of deep hydration for all skin types. Alongside a host of active antioxidants, enzymes and vitamins, (A, C and B3 to name a few!) this beautiful blend was formulated to create soft, supple skin and leave it looking healthy and luminous.

  • Balancing Facial Toner - Oily, acne prone, and combination skin types will love our Balancing Facial Toner for addressing acne bacteria, balancing excess oil production and help to calm inflamed skin. This active formula is rich in skin nutrition as well as naturally skin-soothing ingredients including tea tree, aloe vera, geranium and chamomile. This toner will work quickly to reboot and support skin health..


  • Dewy Moisture Mist - Super skin nourishing and nurturing, our delicate misting toner contains soothing aloe, green tea and seaweed extracts as well as glycerin for a blend that improves moisture retention and calms irritated skin. This replenishing toner is perfect for all skin types and especially great for sensitive skin.


Our Top Tips for Using a Facial Toner:

For the perfect daily ritual, you can use your toner and facial mist one of several ways:


  1. Keep pores free from clogging, mist your toner onto a cotton round following face wash and swipe clean.


  1. To balance and nourish the skin, you can mist your toner liberally onto the face and neck area following cleansing, then follow with your active serums and then mist again before your moisturizer.


  1. For instant skin refreshment, you can “Mist then Moisturize”, any time the skin feels in need of a little TLC.


  1. Toners and facial mists can also be used as prep for makeup or as a setting spray, if desired.


  1. If the skin is feeling hot in the summer or simply irritated, place our Dewy Moisture Mist in the fridge for an hour and then mist the face for a cooling effect.
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