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Why You Need Vitamin C and Retinol in Your Daily Routine

Why You Need Vitamin C and Retinol in Your Daily Routine

Ready for some more beauty myth busting? If you’ve ever done your homework on actives and vitamins in skincare, you may have been told a time or two that you shouldn’t combine ingredients Vitamin C, and Vitamin A (also known as retinol) in your routine.

Unfortunately, in following this advice, a lot of folks may be missing out on some serious skincare synergy. The real truth is that in building a routine that supports your skin and promotes a healthy aging process, you can, and likely should, make both of these ingredients a part of your regular rotation. The trick is simply knowing how to do so correctly. Here are three simple dos and don’ts to help you get it right:

DON’T layer A and C at the same time In the simplest terms, the argument against combining Vitamin C and Retinol is that they are two incredibly potent actives, and when used together they may irritate your skin. However, what this really means is that you shouldn’t use both back to back in the same step-by-step routine.

While it’s true that applying both simultaneously may be too much for your skin to handle in one sitting, the easy fix for this is to apply them at two different times of the day. This way, you’ll be preventing the potential for a reaction, and ensuring that each ingredient has an opportunity to work its magic.

DO make Vitamin C your morning must-have

To break it down further, the ideal time to apply Vitamin C is in the A.M. The main reason for this is that it provides a boost of protection for your skin throughout the day.

The antioxidant properties make it a perfect choice for preventing free radical damage caused by the sun. It’s also known for promoting glowing skin, so why not enjoy the added perk of extra radiance, and use it to put your best face forward?

DO choose Retinol for your evening essential

On the other hand, retinol products are meant to be used at night. The practical reason for this is that Vitamin A increases photosensitivity in the skin and therefore isn’t the best choice for the hours when you’ll be exposed to the sun. Instead, it’s a great choice for your bedtime routine, supporting cellular turnover, renewal and repair while you sleep.

Final Conclusion:

Because they have different benefits, Vitamin C and A each deserve a place in your routine. Building your skincare rituals around Vitamin C in the morning and Retinol at night is an easy approach that will provide you with the positive effects of both, allowing them to support one another and your skin.

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