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It’s all about the SUNSCREEN!

It’s all about the SUNSCREEN!

We all know sunscreen is important whether it's a sunny day or cloudy afternoon.  It’s crucial to protect the skin from harmful rays that cause skin cancer and premature skin aging. Which is why it’s necessary to add sunscreen into your daily skin care routine.  In case you have eliminated the use of sunscreen because in the past it's caused you skin problems like inflammation, irritation, or breakouts, it’s time to discard the ingredient that’s causing them and not skip on the whole product altogether.


What many of us don’t understand is that no matter how popular a certain product is, no matter how many beauty bloggers swear by it, it won’t necessarily work for every skin. Sunscreen is no different. 

Types of sunscreen:

Chemical Sunscreen - It’s the most common kind you find at any drug store. These contain unnatural, chemical ingredients that may harm your skin.  Although they can be effective as they work by soaking into the skin and then repelling the UV rays. The chemicals soak into the skin but also the bloodstream and can have dangerous effects.  

Some dangerous ingredients that are known to cause such skin allergies present in most chemical based sunscreens are - Avobenzone, Octocrylene and Oxybenzone. 

Mineral Sunscreen - Just like the name suggests, it’s made up of minerals that are natural in nature. The most common active ingredients used in mineral based creams are - zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Mineral Sunscreens, unlike the chemical ones, work by forming a physical barrier between the UV rays and the skin, as it does not penetrate deep in the skin and protects it by reflecting the harmful rays away. Hence, they are a safer option even for people with sensitive skin. 


Sunscreen and Skin Care 


The correct way to apply sunscreen is to go in the correct sequence. Yes, it does matter! 


Here’s how you do it - 


Step 1 - Cleanser - Use a cleansing oil, face wash or gentle skin cleanser that suits your skin. 


Step 2 - Tone it up! – Use our Balance Facial Toner(Oily/Acne) or our Hydrating Rose Toner(Dry/Aging) immediately after cleansing. Toners can deliver the right vitamins and minerals to your skin for rejuvenation, soothe and help to even your skin tone. 


Step 3 -  Serums - These can literally elevate your skin care routine. Adding a Vitamin C serum into your nighttime skin care routine can completely change how your skin looks and feels. Your skin will thank me later!


Step 4 - Eye Cream - The best friend your morning puffy eye needs! Our Maracuja under eye roller can work wonders and keep you looking fresh! 


Step 5 - Moisturize! - Pick a moisturizer that will help keep your skin fresh and healthy all day like our Fragrance-Free Repair Face Cream.


Step 6 - Sunscreen - This is where you get going with the sunscreen. It’s said that the sunscreen should be the last step in your morning skin care routine. Another reason to pick mineral based sunscreens as they don’t need to creep in the skin to work. 


Ultimately, do what works for you and your skin whether its chemical or mineral sunscreen, as its so important to enjoy the products you use.

Some great mineral based SPF options:

  • Riversol SPF 30 Lightweight Broad Spectrum
  • Aveeno Mineral Sensitive Skin
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