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Esthetician’s First Impressions: My Experience Using The Radiance Brightening Serum

Esthetician’s First Impressions: My Experience Using The Radiance Brightening Serum

As an esthetician who writes about beauty products for a living, the best part of my job is always getting to try new things. My bathroom drawers are never not fully stocked with the latest innovative formulas and treatments, but something I’ve been reaching for on the regular lately is Glow Jar Beauty's latest launch: the Radiance Brightening Serum. It’s only been a few weeks but I’m already a fan.

Here are the product perks I’ve been loving so far:

Product Perk #1: An Ingredient Deck That Delivers
What initially drew me to this formula (and made me want to try it immediately!) were the ingredients. In particular, tranexamic acid is an ingredient that is starting to make waves in skincare and this formula features it as a main ingredient with an impressive 3% concentration. Tranexamic acid is said to have major benefits for targeting dark spots and hyperpigmentation. However, many brands have yet to utilize it, so it can still be tricky to find.


Alongside some of my other favourite skin brightening and calming agents - including azelaic acid, licorice root, niacinamide, and allantoin - I see this serum as having major potential for correcting skin discolouration. I also love that it has jojoba, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, and Vitamin E for softening skin and promoting moisture retention. In other words, there are just so many ingredients to love, all in one product!

Product Perk #2: A Seamless User Experience

For trying out the Radiance Brightening Serum, I chose to incorporate it as part of my nightly routine and find it fits in perfectly following my regular ritual of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. That said, it could also work well as part of any AM routine, or both AM and PM, as the formulation is very hydrating.


I love that the texture is lightweight and there is no detectable fragrance. Other tranexamic products I’ve tried lacked these qualities. This one also absorbs quickly and layers beautifully under my night cream. It could even be combined with a facial oil for even more added benefit, if desired.


Product Perk #3: Results In Real Time

Another thing that impressed me about this product is how quickly I saw benefits from using it. Using it in the evening, I felt like it did an amazing job of locking in hydration overnight, and my skin felt soft and smooth the next morning. As far as brightening for dark spots, those results can take time, so I’ll have to report back on that at a later date. However, as someone who typically struggles with some skin redness and irritation, I have already noticed that this serum helps with calming, and gives my skin a nice glow. So, no complaints here!


Final Conclusion
If you’ve been thinking about trying the Radiance Brightening Serum for yourself, I would say go for it! It’s gentle, yet effective, and appropriate for most skin types. For best results, I would recommend using it at least once per day for consistency, and then adding in a second application, if you like. I think Glow Jar Beauty has done something great with this one, and I can’t wait to see what kind of results I get after further testing.

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