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SPF Rules: Our Top Three Tips for Achieving Sun Protection Perfection This Season

SPF Rules: Our Top Three Tips for Achieving Sun Protection Perfection This Season

Do you know your stuff when it comes to sun care and SPF?


While skincare trends may come and go, one thing that remains constant is that we all need to be using sunscreen, on a daily, year-round basis to keep our skin happy, healthy, and youthful. So to help you get it right, we’re sharing our favourite pointers and best practices. Read on for our top three must-know tips:


Tip #1: Choose a formula that you actually love


If we could give just one piece of advice around sun protection, it would be to seek out a product that you enjoy using. From the texture, to the way it absorbs and performs, it’s worth considering every aspect. If even one of these things isn’t quite right, it’s more likely that you’ll end up skipping this step. So don’t be afraid to really shop with intention and maybe even try multiple brands, to find “The One.” 


*TIP: if you don’t like it for your face, use it up on another part of your body.


Tip #2: Layer it as your last step


A question we get a lot is whether or not SPF in a moisturizer or makeup is sufficient sun protection and the answer is unfortunately, no. Because you need an adequate amount of product for it to be truly effective and to create a protective film, relying on SPF as an additive in skincare isn’t quite enough to do the job. Instead, we recommend using products that are specifically for sun care, and apply this as your finishing step. Or right before makeup, if you’ll be wearing any.


* TIP: allow your moisturizer to set before applying SPF – say 10 mins.


Tip #3: Don’t forget to re-apply


It might sound basic, but the truth is that where many people go wrong with sun protection is only layering it on first thing in the morning, and then forgetting about it for the rest of the day.  In the winter in Canada we are fine to skip the reapplication, as the UV is much lower than Spring or Summer.  Unfortunately, because most SPF products are only designed to work for a short period of time, doing so will mean that you’re missing out on critical protection during the hours of the day when UV damage is most likely to occur. As a good rule of thumb, every two hours is the optimal window for re-applying. Especially, if you’re going to be outdoors and exposed.


Our Product Picks for Sun Protection


For The Face:

  • Vichy Tinted Mineral SPF 60
  • Australian Gold SPF 50 – does have fragrance – matte finish


For Your Whole Body:

  • Sun Bum SPF 50 Mineral Lotion


For The Kids:

  • Attitude SPF 30 Sensitive Skin
  • Live Clean SPF 30
  • Sun Bum SPF 50 Mineral Fragrance Free
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