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Working out and Skincare

Working out and Skincare

If you start your day with some sort of movement, physical exercise will bring fresh blood to the skin surface, and no matter what you do with your skincare pre and post workout, the fact that you are taking the time to move your body is so incredible for your physical and mental health.

If you workout in the AM outside:


  • Oily skin: splash face with water or cleanse if you wake up sweaty and apply sunscreen.


  • Dry skin: skip cleanse, just apply sunscreen.


  • Do not apply actives/serums (i.e., Vitamin C) before your workout.


Be mindful of the sun exposure year-round, as the sun stops healing in the skin as your skin sees UV light as an attack.  UVA gets down into the dermis which is where our collagen and elastin is and we want to protect the structural support of the skin.


If you workout after work, then it is best to remove your foundation and makeup beforehand.  No makeup wipes please. Our Balancing Facial Toner is perfect to mist or swipe over the face because of its calming and anti-bacterial properties.  When you sweat and that mixes with makeup like foundation or blush which will lead to clogging. 


To avoid body acne, it’s a good idea to invest in breathable, lightweight workout clothing or have a backup shirt to change into right after working out, and always wear a hat outside.  Also, if you are prone to body acne then use a daily body wash with salicylic acid, and let it sit on the skin for a few minutes before washing off.


For those with Rosacea, be sure to try and remain cool while working out, doors open and cool cloth around the neck can help calm flushing.


Biggest tip is to not touch your face throughout the workout especially if you are lifting weights and you can potentially transfer bacteria to your face.  Also, immediately remove excess sweat on whole body during and after routine.



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